Technical Translation China
Given the omnipresence of technology in our daily lives, technical translation from and into Chinese is definitely a service that any translation company with internationally oriented ambitions will have to use. To this end, you should always entrust your projects to an English Chinese or Chinese English translator specialized in technical translation. The technicality of the terms used implies that only a technical translator is able to provide convincing and impeccable results. The credibility and the reputation of your company is at stake!Seeking a technical translation agency in China? Sinovantage is here to offer help.
Sinovantage provides technical translation services in China to some of the world’s leading engineers and manufacturers. Our team of technical translators and subject-matter experts have strong technical backgrounds and are highly skilled in their fields. They are supported by cutting-edge translation memory technology that recalls previously translated text which reduces costs and turnaround time for our clients. Regardless of the complexity of your technical material, or the scale of your project, we can handle it with ease. Get in touch by phone or email to get started on your next project.Many of the businesses we have been and are still serving are industry leaders. In 2002, we started providing services to Huawei and ZTE and gradually expanded our client base to include, among many others at home and abroad, Kingdee, Tencent, Emerson, BYD, CSRC, CGNPC, Siemens, Shell, HP, Dell, etc. and we now provide excellent technical translation services for a broad range of sectors, including telecom, electronic, hardware, software, energy, environment, geography, information technology, machinery, medical equipment, metallurgy, printing, agriculture, construction, auto, aviation, chemical, and shipping industries.Our experience in Chinese technical translation includes working for clients in the following fields:Architecture
Defense and Security
Electronics and Electronic Engineering
Engineering and Construction
IT, Networks and Computing
Machinery and Tooling

As a top-class technical translation service provider in China, all our linguists are qualified native speakers of the target language. We select translators based on their experience and field of expertise while taking into account any specific needs you may have for your project. Also, we will designate a project leader, stick to the schedule, and focus on quality throughout. We take time and care in selecting the best staff in the industry and continuously invest in staff training to maintain and improve the quality of their services. With a strong in-house translation team and an extensive network of freelancers worldwide, we aim at providing high-quality, fast, responsive, and cost-effective language services to all our clients. We are a group of doers, communicators, and collaborators who do everything for your benefit.

As an ISO-certified translation agency, we insist that every piece of translation go through a comprehensive process: drafting, editing, proofreading, and final review to deliver the best possible quality. Also, we use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools such as SDL Trados and MemoQ for consistency of style and terminology and for better efficiency and

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