Need a well-versed English to Chinese translation partner by your side? Turn to Sinovantage, an agency with years of experience providing superior translation services.Sinovantage is dedicated to translating your financial, technical, engineering, marketing and general documents from English into Chinese. Our network of industry-expert translators and quality managers help to ensure that we deliver best-in-class work. Clients using our English to Chinese translation services or Chinese to English translation services include all sorts of corporations, manufacturers, law offices, and medical companies around the globe. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our multidisciplinary team of experts will create a tailored, efficient solution to meet your demands.Over 500 linguists available. We have access to scores of experienced Chinese to English translators in different countries who specialize in all types of subjects. The language specialists working with us are all qualified native speakers of the target languages who have proven quality assurance for years. We select translators based on their experience and field of expertise while taking into account any specific needs you may have for your project. Also, we will designate a project leader, stick to the schedule, and focus on quality throughout. We take time and care in selecting the best staff in the industry and continuously invest in staff training to maintain and improve the quality of their services. With a strong in-house translation team and an extensive network of freelancers worldwide, we aim at providing high-quality, fast, responsive, and cost-effective language services to all our clients. We are a group of doers, communicators, and collaborators who do everything for your benefit.

Every translation proofread. As we deal with words, numbers, and graphics in different languages, even minor mistakes or omissions cause material losses to the clients. To ensure quality service and client satisfaction, we strictly follow our quality control workflow, which was set up when the company was first established and has been perfected step by step. In addition, we are continuously enhancing the training programs for our employees in their respective specialties as well as procedures for supervising translation work.

A variety of English to Chinese translation services. Sinovantage offers such English to Chinese translation services as financial, legal, technical, localization, interpretation, transcription, and desk-top publishing. In 2011, a financial translation team was formed to provide Hong Kong-based financial institutions and publishers with first-class translation services for English to Chinese Simplified and Traditional or vice versa. We understand that legal translation is a highly specialized skill that requires special attention to accuracy and timeliness; hence, we require our legal translators to be highly professional, meticulous, rigorous, and skilled in their work to live up to the client’s expectations and more.

Technical translation is another capability. Many of the businesses we have been and are still serving are industry leaders. In 2002, we started providing services to Huawei and ZTE and gradually expanded our client base to include, among many others at home and abroad, Kingdee, Tencent, Emerson, BYD, CSRC, CGNPC, Siemens, Shell, HP, Dell, etc. Items covered in our localization services include: Graphical user interface (GUI); Documentation; Online help; E-learning platforms; Multimedia materials; Computer games; Interactive packages; Educational software; Content; Database; Source code; Graphical elements; Optimization and update of translated websites; and Voice-overs. Sinovantage has a broad network of expert interpreters, including language specialists, professors and freelancers with at least 5 years of successful experience in interpretation, and has offered numerous transcription services to organizations, law firms, corporations and translation agencies. Sinovantage has an in-house DTP team composed of qualified DTP experts and graphic designers equipped with the latest software and applications. We can handle large volume projects in a short turnaround time.

Are you ready to discuss your official translation from English to Chinese translation of Chinese to English translation? Sinovatange is here for you 24/7 so you can reach us anytime on any continent. Now sure about your target country’s policies on certified translations, or do you have questions about complex legal or financial projects? We are happy to answer any inquiries you might have. Email Now!