Language Translation services in China
Looking for the best language translation services in China? Sinovantage, an agency with years of experience providing superior language translation services in China, is here to serve your needs.Since its foundation in 2002, Sinovantage has been operating successfully for 20 years, providing language services to companies in various industries, financial institutions, law firms and translation agencies around the world.With a team of 90 in-house linguists and a network of over 500 freelancers, we can deliver jobs in a large capacity with a tight TAT, meeting your different types of needs in language services such as translation, editing, proofreading, interpretation, localization, desktop publishing, transcription, etc. They are all dedicated professional linguists with proven knowledge, know-how, and experience in all our fields of expertise providing top-class language translation services in China.We work as a team and share one thing in common: we value quality. As a client-oriented service provider, we make sure that your voice is heard and that your service is tailor-made and delivered on time. We are the right team of professionals with the right attitude for your projects.Dedicated to the success of our Chinese customers

Whether on your website or an advanced legal document, our team of language experts works to ensure your success on every translation you require. Sinovantage offers such translation services as financial, legal, technical, localization, interpretation, transcription, and desk-top publishing. In 2011, a financial translation team was formed to provide Hong Kong-based financial institutions and publishers with first-class translation services between English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). We understand that legal translation is a highly specialized skill that requires special attention to accuracy and timeliness; hence, we require our legal translators to be highly professional, meticulous, rigorous, and skilled in their work to live up to the client’s expectations and more.

Technical translation is another capability. Many of the businesses we have been and are still serving are industry leaders. In 2002, we started providing services to Huawei and ZTE and gradually expanded our client base to include, among many others at home and abroad, Kingdee, Tencent, Emerson, BYD, CSRC, CGNPC, Siemens, Shell, HP, Dell, etc. Items covered in our localization services include: Graphical user interface (GUI); Documentation; Online help; E-learning platforms; Multimedia materials; Computer games; Interactive packages; Educational software; Content; Database; Source code; Graphical elements; Optimization and update of translated websites; and Voice-overs. Sinovantage has a broad network of expert interpreters, including language specialists, professors and freelancers with at least 5 years of successful experiences in interpretation, and has offered numerous transcription services to organizations, law firms, corporations and translation agencies. Sinovantage has an in-house DTP team composed of qualified DTP experts and graphic designers equipped with the latest software and applications. We can handle large volume projects in a short turnaround time.

As an ISO-certified translation agency, we insist that every piece of translation go through a comprehensive process: drafting, editing, proofreading, and final review to deliver the best possible quality. Also, we use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools such as SDL Trados and MemoQ for consistency of style and terminology and for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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